The Writer’s Cheatsheet

Updated: Jun 5

Are you a new writer, floundering in this secret language seemingly wiser authors use? Here is a list of (sometimes) commonly used acronyms and terms to help you decode!* I also included a list of major genres, because I’m not the only one who loses track.**

The literary world is ever-evolving, so if there is a term/acronym/genre that is missing from this list, comment below and I’ll be sure to add it!

*Special thanks to all my fellow authors who helped me put this list together!

**Keep in mind, this is list of major genres. Every genre has a whole list of subgenera that I didn’t have time to get into. Let me know if you want a more detailed list of genres.

Acronyms and Terms

1PP, 2PP, 3PP: First, Second, Third Plot Point

Alpha Reader: The first test reader a writer gives a manuscript to for feedback

AMS: Amazon Marketing Services

ANT: Antagonist - The adversary

ARC: Advanced Reader/Review Copy - An early copy of the finished book, before it is printed for mass distribution (often given to people in the hopes they will read and give reviews when the book goes public)

AU: Alternate Universe 

Back Story: History or background of the story