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ERUDESSA IS A firm believer that clean entertainment can be powerful. SHE strives to give you dynamic art that will spark your imagination and touch your soul.

Finding Home
Kynaston Royal Saga Epoch 2

Continue the Saga!

Sterling and Larkspur Bei Kynaston are launching a rescue for their brainwashed older brother, but they’ll need some help.

As friends and family rally around them, Lark helps build a top-secret unit of Element Wielders, while Sterling tries to navigate the maze of blank spots interrupting a tornado of memories he’s not always sure are real.

When their carefully laid plans are literally blown up in their faces, they both have to deal with traumas from the past endangering their new home.

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Christmas Games available now on most major retailers!

Beware the harmless Christmas Gift.


When a group of friends decide to play a new immersive role playing game, exciting fun turns into a glitchy mess.

Larkspur’s real-world superpowers interfere with a simple, in-game mission. Discovering they’re unable to exit gameplay, the team scrambles for answers. When their leader and most experienced player, Conan, is kidnapped by the game’s main Boss, it’s up to Lark, Joshua, and Shamira to save him … and themselves.


Join the beloved Kynaston Royal Saga cast in this short Snow Queen retelling.

Broken Mirrors Collection

Find out all about the fairytale retelling collection Christmas Games is part of (and how to apply for an Advance Reader Copy) on my blog post!

With over twenty years in the entertainment industry across the globe, Erudessa has a wealth of inspiration to draw upon.

Erudessa Gentain
Erudessa Gentian

Explore fantastical worlds with Erudessa, be introduced to a wide variety of professionals across the world on her blog, and get excited about upcoming projects!

Erudessa's original songs are influenced by genres like Celtic, Showtunes, country, folk, and americana.

Accidental Legend

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