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Standalones, collections, and anthologies

Explore underwater kingdoms, hobnob with dragons and wolves, vacation on a resort moon, twist fairytales on their head, and more!

Standalone Stories


Lotus Moon Resort

Paradise isn't all it appears to be

Salvage spaceship captain Farus Ody just wants to get his crew home safely. But when needed repairs sidetrack their course, the promise of a delightful treat becomes their journey's greatest threat.

The Start of a Dangerous Friendship

War of Wolves and Dragons, Part 1

The first installment of Erudessa’s War of Wolves and Dragons fantasy and steampunk short story series, The Start of a Dangerous Friendship. Explore an alternate version of history, where magical creatures partner with extraordinary humans to reclaim the throne.

A prequel flash fiction, The Wolfe Pack's Chosen, can be found in Fantastical Moments. A later installment, The Dragon's Chosen, can be found in Whitstead Harvestide.

The Start of a Dangerous Friendship.png



Fantastical Moments

A Fantasy Short Story Collection

A misfit merman flouders for his purpose.

A home health aide discovers her new patient hides a magical secret.

Knights, damsels - and dragons, oh my!

Plane crashes, Wolfe Packs, mysteries, and more. From Steampunk to miracles to fairytales, come immerse yourself in these Fantastical Moments!

Anthologies and Websites

Whitstead Harvestide Anthology

The Dragon's Chosen

Continue the War of Wolves and Dragons adventures as Draco, Ylva, and Athalulf petition the Dragons for help.


GANBATTE! The Ties That Bind Us

Sisters in the City

An AnimeLit retelling of Snow White and Rose Red.

Two sisters come to the city for a summer of fun, family, and...true love?

Proceeds go to two anime-themed charities!


Moonlight and Claws Anthology

Dating Don't's

Being a teenage boy is hard enough, without unneeded surprises during a first date.



Flash Fiction Website

Find Erudessa's work on Havok!

Read their daily flash fiction stories for free, or pay $5 for a year's subscription and gain access to a whole archive of stories, including my humorous Merfolk story: What's in a Gift?

Accidental Legend

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