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Erudessa Gentian

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Coming from a very artistic family, it's no surprise Erudessa developed a deep-seated love for the arts, eventually specializing in several mediums.

Starting music by the time she was four, the first seedling was planted in the form of piano lessons that would culminate in over twenty years of musical, acting, and writing adventures that have spanned across three continents.

Piano lessons were soon followed by harp, singing, Irish bodhran drum and guitar training. Always discovering new sounds, however, she continued to expand her musical horizons with other instruments, including the base and a variety of drums and percussion instruments. Her musical genres grew just as varied. Beginning with classical, she grew up playing Folk, Celtic, Americana, Country, Bluegrass, Pop, International, Broadway, and Showtunes. She enjoys the challenge of learning a new style of music, and discovering how different instruments compliment unique sounds.

Playing solo and with various bands over the years has given her a chance to perform across the globe—from intimate house concerts to internationally renowned festivals, and everything in-between.

Throughout her musical ventures, Erudessa also nurtured her love for acting and theatre. Obviously no stranger to the stage, honed her dramatic flair in both ensemble and lead roles. However, she is also a firm believer that every actor should crew a show at least once, in order to understand what it takes to put on a production. During such diversification, she discovered her love for the ins and outs of theatre, eventually adding every theatrical position imaginable onto her resume, including creating, directing and stage managing shows. 

Over the years, she's been delighted to add modeling, film, radio and voiceover work to her list of accomplishments.

The inspiration gathered from her world travels, supplemented by an overactive imagination, fuel her writing endeavors. From the secret scrawling of a kid using writing as a therapeutic exercise, Erudessa grew into a songwriter before finally putting pen to paper with publication as a goal. Now known for her engaging dialogue and unique world building, Erudessa brings you on adventures across multiple genres. Swim along the currents of an underwater kingdom. Be wary of moon resorts with hidden dangers. Learn how to survive being shipwrecked on a tropical island. Help a dethroned queen convince dragons to assist in her struggle. Explore the fascinating terraformed worlds of the future. Follow the twists as beloved fairytales take on new facets. And that's just the beginning!

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