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Kynaston Royal Saga

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Kynaston Royal Saga is a Science Fantasy series whose elements include time travel, mystery, familial ties and drama, with a tiny hint of romance.

Set primarily two thousand years in the future, mankind has perfected the terraformation process. There are now four inhabited planets throughout the universe. The newest planet, Evren, is largely dominated by the kingdom Lothar. The current monarchs are the Kynaston family. The series follows their ups and downs as they learn to rule a country, save their planet, and learn to control scientifically-induced superpowers.

Fans of the X-Men and Firefly/Serenity franchises will enjoy the Kynaston Royal Saga.

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Time is complicated. So is family.


Twenty-year-old Larkspur is dragged 2,000 years into the future by time-travellers responsible for altering her DNA. On the terraformed planet Evren, Lark becomes the new, superpowered crown princess to one of the most powerful kingdoms of the four inhabited planets. Talk about unexpected responsibility.

Just as she starts to build a new life, complete with an adorable pet tiger, disturbing secrets come to light with dangerous consequences. When hints point to this future having influenced a painful past, Lark must decide where her loyalties lie.

Family isn’t always blood related, and power can be a two-edged sword.

Power In Time


Now available on most major retailers!

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Kynaston Family Crest.png

Kynaston Family Crest created by Alex Moore


Keychains and Necklaces by

AJ Skelly

of April's Whimsy

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Wysteria and Spur Corps Crests created by Julia Ruprecht


Photography by Courtney Rybicki

of Made You Look Photography


Make Up Artist

Claudine deVries

of Samson Artistry

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Other Published Works


Fantastical Moments

A Fantasy Short Story Collection

A misfit merman flounders for his purpose.
A home health aide discovers her new patient hides a magical secret.
Knights, damsels - and dragons, oh my!

Plane crashed, Wolfe Packs, mysteries and more. From steampunk to miracles to fairytales, come immerse yourself in these Fantastical Moments!

Desert Island Survival

Desert Island Survival

Join the adventure as Slade Beckman learns to survive being stranded on a tropical island. Will he ever find civilization again?

Press the Island Survival button to read the daily recaps, then click Diary of Slade Beckman for the journal entries.


Lotus Moon Resort

Paradise isn’t all it appears to be

Salvage spaceship captain Farus Ody just wants to get his crew home safely. But when needed repairs sidetrack their course, the promise of a delightful treat becomes their journey’s greatest threat.

A Sci-Fi short story that will take you on a space adventure.


Find Erudessa's works on Havok! Read the daily flash fiction stories for free, or pay $5 for a year’s subscription and gain access to a whole archive of stories, including my Merfolk story: What’s In A Gift?
The Start of a Dangerous Friendship.png

The Start of a Dangerous Friendship

The first installment of Erudessa’s War of Wolves and Dragons short story series, The Start of a Dangerous Friendship, can be found in Harvey Duckman Presents…Volume 3. The steampunk and fantasy short stories explore an alternate version of history, where magical creatures partner with extraordinary humans to reclaim the throne.

Inklings Fiction

A free website dedicated to clean fiction.
Read some of Erudessa's short stories for free, including the second place winning romantic flash fiction, Spring Forever.
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Current Projects

Erudessa always has a handful of projects on the back burner,

and even more just waiting to be added.

Get ready to genre-hop, because 2021 will be full of stories,

they just might not all be related to each other...

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Fantastical Moments Ebook.png

Fantastical Moments

A fantasy short story collection.

A misfit merman flounders for his purpose.

The young heir to a mystical Wolfe Pack sneaks off for an adventure, and finds more than he bargained for.

And so much more!

From steampunk to miracles to fairytales, come immerse yourself in these Fantastical Moments!

Out now!


Arista's Fairytale Challenge

Where are my fairytale fans? This year, I have taken up an entirely new challenge for myself...a fairytale retelling!

A group of writers are creating retellings of the fairytale Snow-White and Rose-Red (no relation to Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs).

Mine is going to be a funky twist, with no magic, a modern setting, and heavily influenced by Asian online novels/manga/anime...wish me luck!

Coming 2021

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Epoch 2

The Kynaston Saga 

We continure to follow Larkspur Bei Kynaston, but the ensemble we came to know and love in Power in Time will be stepping up. Conan and Shamira will get biobots and join Lark in the Shield Unit, Sterling begins to heal, Avi begins to unravel worrying about a secret prophecy, Alex begins to unravel without Sterling, Casimer, and Joshua is our resident genius who makes sure they don’t all die.

And through it all, Shadowy-Powers-That-Be make plans and pull strings that will effect all of Evren, and perhaps beyond!

Coming 2022

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