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The Writing

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Kynaston Royal Saga

Join the Saga!

This science fantasy series includes time travel, scientifically-induced superpowers, secrets, friendship, family, cat companions, and hints of romance.

Fans of X-Men and the Firefly franchise will love Kynaston Royal Saga

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Standalone Stories, Collections, and Anthologies


Join Erudessa as she travels across unique worlds, and mashes genres together!

Explore underwater kingdoms, hobnob with dragons and wolves, vacation on a resort moon, twist fairytales on their head, and more!

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Current Projects

Erudessa always has a handful of projects on the back burner,

and even more just waiting to be added.

We're closing out 2022 with a bang!

Finding Home and Christmas Games are available now!​ 

And of course we're continuing to plug away at even more stories. Hopefully 2023 will introduce more from the Kynaston Royal Saga, additions to the current short story series (War of Wolves and Dragons, Timeless Rose, AnimeLit Fairytale Retellings), and the compilation of shorts Erudessa wrote with her husband that includes a humorous take on some real survival tricks.

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Desert Island Survival

Desert Island Survival

Join the adventure as Slade Beckman learns to survive being stranded on a tropical island. Will he ever find civilization again?

Erudessa teams up with her husband to bring this humorous fiction journal entries filled with real survival tips and tricks.

Coming 2023

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Epoch 2

The Kynaston Saga 

We continure to follow Larkspur Bei Kynaston, but the ensemble we came to know and love in Power in Time will be stepping up. Conan and Shamira will get biobots and join Lark in the Shield Unit, Sterling begins to heal, Avi begins to unravel worrying about a secret prophecy, Alex begins to unravel without Sterling, Casimer, and Joshua is our resident genius who makes sure they don’t all die.

And through it all, Shadowy-Powers-That-Be make plans and pull strings that will effect all of Evren, and perhaps beyond!

Coming December, 2022

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