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Explore these YouTube channels to see some of what Erudessa has done, and what her former bandmates are up to now

Along The Path Of Life - CD Tracks

Singing Pilgrims Music Videos

Website Exclusive Music Video
Music Videos

Website Exclusive!

For all Eternity

Written for Mojave Beach Productions' King of the Mountain, For all Eternity didn't end up in the final production. But I know I'm not the only one who enjoys 'behind-the-scenes' shenanigans, so I kept this little heart-rending song about losing love to share exclusively with you here!
After watching the video, check out the story that inspired it here.

He's a Man

Written for Mojave Beach Productions' King of the Mountain.
Esther Luttrell's haunting tale is narrated by Jeff Evans, featuring a score by David Fesliyan and harmonica by Eddie Craig, all blended together by the magic-making Patrick McGranahan. I'm so honored to be listed with these professionals as a Mojave Beach Player!
Mojave Beach is a new streaming podcast network that produces mysteries, children’s programs,
comedies, inspirational stories, and westerns. Sci-fi adventures, original full-length musicals and classic
literature adapted to audio, are in development.
Mojave Beach Productions
King of the Mountain ad.png

I will eventually redo this when I have better recording savvy. But for now, enjoy the first music video of one of my original songs!

Accidental Legend

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