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Kynaston Royal Saga

Kynaston Royal Saga is a Science Fantasy series whose elements include time travel, mystery, familial ties, and drama—with a tiny hint of romance.

Set primarily two thousand years in the future, mankind has perfected the terraformation process. There are now four inhabited planets throughout the universe. The newest planet, Evren, is largely dominated by the kingdom Lothar, ruled by the Kynaston family. The series follows their ups and downs as they learn to rule a country, save their planet, and control scientifically-induced superpowers.

Fans of the X-Men and Firefly/Serenity franchises will enjoy the Kynaston Royal Saga.

Main Series

Short Stories/Extras

Continue exploring the Kynaston's world with these extra offerings!


Things turn frosty when virtual reality malfunctions.

Beware the harmless Christmas Gift.


When a group of friends decide to play a new immersive role playing game, exciting fun turns into a glitchy mess.

Larkspur’s real-world superpowers interfere with a simple, in-game mission. Discovering they’re unable to exit gameplay, the team scrambles for answers. When their leader and most experienced player, Conan, is kidnapped by the game’s main Boss, it’s up to Lark, Joshua, and Shamira to save him … and themselves.


Join the beloved Kynaston Royal Saga cast in this short Snow Queen retelling.

Betrayal and Prophecy.png


Kidnapped and held hostage in exchange for a dangerous scientific advancement. Betrayed and threatened by his own nephew. A ray of hope and salvation.
The worst day of Avi Kynaston's life might just bring him the secrets he's been searching for.


Take a new look at the events from chapter six of Power in Time.

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Voices From The Past copy.jpg


Does the past really have to stay dead?
While testing out the time travel technology newly available to her, Larkspur Bei Kynaston calls her long-deceased brothers.

Time Traveling Superhero Origin Story

"Dr. Who meets Marvel in this time traveling superhero story. Lark is an ordinary girl (albeit well trained in martial arts) who gets a dose of nanobots from the future that imbue her with amazing powers. Now she's stuck in the future with all its crazy political upheavals and must learn to master her new powers quickly if she is to survive and save her two brothers' lives. Overall a fun read with plenty of action, plot twists, and lovable / despicable characters along with a bit of romantic tension;)"

-Amazon Reviewer

Accidental Legend

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