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Escape in the Written Word

Escape in the Written Word

Writing was always my little secret, ever since I was a little child. No one, not even my sisters, knew my hobby.

There was something soothing and therapeutic about the pen gliding across a page.

I’ve been blessed with an active imagination, but I could easily get lost internally because of it. Thousands of ideas can run themselves ragged inside my head. Getting them out in some form or fashion can help organize thoughts into something tangible.

It started by turning personal lessons and incidents into story form. It not only helps me analyze the situatio

n, but is also a way for everything I learned to sink in further.

Many authors will tell you there is a piece of themselves in every project they work on. It’s no different for me. I was a musician long before a writer, and when I started writing songs I was afraid of showing them to anyone for a long time. I thought I was used to rejection, but I guess some of us have to relearn the lesson with every new medium we try. At least my stories were fictional. My songs were like a little piece of my soul being laid bare for others to scrutinize.

It took a long time,

but now I get excited to share my writing; story, song or other forms. I hope my articles and blog posts encourage and educate. I wish for my stories to be a place you can relax and get lost in, coming back to earth changed a little bit for the better. I pray my songs touch your soul and inspire you.

Do you have a hobby or profession that excites you? Share with us in the comments.

And now, it’s your turn! Go touch the world in the special way only you can!

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